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SculptXV     is a beat-based strength training format that effortlessly tones and sculpts your muscles. Created by fitness expert Allison Westfahl, this original format is low-impact, approachable, and highly effective.  The workouts are broken into 4 minute segments called "mini-blocks."  Each mini-block has a muscle focus, allowing you to connect with a specific part of your body. The movements are cued to the beat of the playlist, ensuring that you are moving at an appropriate speed. SculptXV is your no-fuss, fun, effective method for toning and sculpting your body, just 4 minutes at a time. 


No time? No problem!

We understand that finding time to exercise can be a challenge. That's why we designed our workouts to be convenient and easy to fit into your busy schedule. With the on-demand videos, you can choose to complete individual muscle-focus workouts, or follow the full 60 minute version .  Got 4 minutes today? We got YOU!

Choose your workout length from 4 to 60 minutes. 

Each mini block of exercise has a muscle focus.

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 11.55.59 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 11.56.23 AM.png

"Sculpt XV has completely transformed my body. This s*$t really works!"

" I love doing these workouts a few times a week. Last time I turned around to find my high school daughter had joined me!"

"My doc told me I need to lift weights for bone density. I know I'm doing something really good for my body with this program."

"Allison's coaching style is so motivating. I like learning about good form but being reminded to have fun. Makes the time fly by!"

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